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At Henry Mein, we strive to create unique and innovative designs that are tailored to our client’s needs and lifestyle...  

Industrial Development 

Transforming Industrial Development: Maximising Sites, Remodelling Existing Buildings & Sustainable Design

We specialise in driving industrial development through site maximisation, efficient design integration, and risk mitigation.

Our sustainable design expertise ensures reduced environmental impact, resulting in increased market appeal, tenant attraction and developer profits.

With optimised space usage, streamlined workflows, and efficient project management, we can help accelerate speed to market, maximising profitability.

For our work with contractor’s teams in novated projects, we bring valuable expertise, optimising efficiency and coordination, ensuring compliance, and contributing to a smooth construction process. Strong stakeholder relationships are fostered through effective communication. Our role enhances success through knowledge, risk reduction, and collaboration.

Maximise development potential 

Our primary goal is to maximise the development potential of each site we assess. Through meticulous master planning, we unlock the site's actual value, optimising functionality and efficiency and creatively addressing constraints.


By thoroughly understanding your objectives, we create comprehensive master plans that seamlessly integrate the development with the surrounding infrastructure. This ensures efficient land use, smooth traffic flow, and compliance with regulations. With our expertise in sustainable design, material selection, and construction techniques, we deliver cost-effective solutions, enhance industrial development value, attract tenants, maximise productivity, and ensure long-term success.

Black and white image of warehouse full of stock
Black and white image of industrial units

Sustainable design and low/zero carbon

Image of metallic warehouse

Rapidly changing regulations and environmental awareness make zero-carbon and sustainable design key concerns for industrial developers. Embracing these principles reduces environmental impact and boosts market appeal and long-term viability. Incorporating sustainable strategies like renewable energy systems, low-carbon materials, and enhanced insulation is crucial for achieving zero-carbon goals. With expertise in BREEAM and low-energy design, we ensure adherence to rigorous sustainability standards, offering economical and eco-friendly solutions. By integrating sustainable design, we help create responsible, future-proof industrial developments that satisfy regulations, attract eco-conscious tenants, cut costs, and build a positive brand image.

Image of internal space in a metallic warehouse

Efficient, flexible and economical design

Efficient, flexible, and economical design is essential for industrial buildings and developments. We understand the value of optimising space usage, streamlining workflows, and enhancing operational efficiency. By embracing this approach, developers can benefit from cost savings by efficiently using resources and materials. Furthermore, the flexibility in design allows for future adaptability and expansion, ensuring long-term value and minimising the need for significant structural changes. Additionally, integrating sustainable practices promotes energy efficiency and reduces operational costs. Ultimately, this approach brings developers increased profitability, improved market competitiveness, and a positive reputation for sustainable and adaptable industrial developments.

When speed is of the essence

Speed to market is crucial for our industrial developer clients. It provides a competitive advantage for developers, attracting tenants and buyers who want prime locations promptly. Faster completion means quicker revenue generation and a better return on investment. Aligning with market demand maximises letting and sales opportunities. Our swift input, efficient project management, and streamlined workflows expedite design and construction. We navigate planning regulations swiftly, optimise timelines, and ensure smooth and effective communication with the design team. We are valuable partners for rapid project completion and contribute to the competitive advantage of industrial developers and building contractors.

Render of an industrial warehouse for a client in Cardiff Wales
Image of project completion for an industrial client
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